Advanced Laundry Sorting

Most people know to sort their white and colored laundry. However, there are other ways you can benefit from separating your washables. Particularly if you have a large family that produces a lot of laundry, you should consider the following sorting tips:

  • Reds and Bright Colors: Bright colors, reds in particular, are prone to lose their color and bleed over your other fabrics. If there is any risk of this, try putting all of your reds or other bright clothing with like colors in a separate load.
  • Towels: The problem with towels is that they produce a lot of lint, which sticks to other fabric. Try washing them by themselves, or with blankets, robes, and similar items. Make sure that these items are colorfast.
  • Specialty Items: Some items have special needs and should be washed separately. Check your tags to identify any specialty items.
  • Sorting by Owner: Families may benefit by washing all of the colorfast items of a single family member together. So long as these items have no special needs, this can be a great way to save time in sorting your family‚Äôs laundry.

If you have anything that cannot be sorted in among the rest of your laundry, bring it to our Bellevue dry cleaning service.