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What Clothes Require Dry Cleaning?

Your first best friend in identifying which clothes need dry cleaning is the clothing tags. Make sure to keep these on your clothes, or at least take note of any washing instructions if you find the tags too uncomfortable to keep. Store these instructions close to where you sort your laundry so you don’t lose them.

After wearing anything that calls for dry cleaning, allow it to air out for a few hours and inspect it for grime and odors. It may not be necessary to have them professionally cleaned after each wearing. Some low-priority jobs may simply call for a lint roller, clothing brush, or refresher spray before they are fresh and ready to wear again.

If your clothing has any complicated pleats or pin tucks, take care about trying to wash them by yourself. You may not be able to restore these without professional help. Most of these should be trusted to a proper dry cleaner.

Preparing Your Clothes for Dry Cleaning


First time getting your clothing and household items dry cleaned? Don’t worry. Our Ultra Custom Dry Cleaning in Bellevue makes it easy.
Make the dry cleaning process easier and faster by following just a few steps.

  1. Identify problem areas and mark them, if necessary. This will help you to find them quickly when you get to the cleaners. Bits of masking tape or safety pins are good for this.
  2. Be prepared to identify the source of a stain. Any help you can give to take the guesswork out of the cleaning process may help you out in the long run.
  3. Don’t pre-treat your stains. Your household cleaning agents may not be as gentle on your fabrics as ours are.
  4. Empty your pockets! It can be easy to miss items that may end up damaging your clothing in the wash.
  5. Identify any loose buttons or broken zippers that you may need to alert us about. These may require extra care.