Can I Wash a Comforter in a Machine?

A lot of comforters can be washed normally in a regular washing machine. However, others are not as easy to get clean. Some of them are simply too large to fit into your machine, while others are too fragile. Your comforter’s tag should tell you whether or not it can be safely washed in your machine.

If you need to hand wash your comforter, start by spreading it out over the floor and vacuuming it off, front and back, with a dust attachment. You should then fill your bathtub or a similar large vessel with enough warm water to fully submerge the comforter. Add some liquid detergent and agitate the water. Scrub at any stained areas, then drain away the soapy water. Replace the water with clean water to rinse away the soap, draining and repeating as many times as is needed. Once you are confident that the soap is gone, hang up your comforter on a line to let it dry.

If there are portions of your comforter that cannot get wet, bring it to Bellevue Dry Cleaning.