Erasing Pencil Stains

Do you have a pencil mark on your clothing? Graphite and pencil lead stains are generally fairly easy to remove. If the garment in question can be safely laundered, try following these simple tips:

  1. Start by rubbing the stain with a soft eraser, as you would erase a mark from a piece of paper. This may be all you need for some fabrics. For others, you should try to clear away as much of the mark as you can.
  2. If the mark remains, rub it with a little liquid detergent and a few drops of ammonia. Tamp the area gently, then rinse it out from the back of the stain.
  3. Launder the garment according to its normal instructions. After you take the garment out of the washing machine, check to see if the mark remains before putting it in the dryer. If it does, try the above steps again before drying.

If you get a graphite stain on a garment that cannot be laundered conventionally, bring it in to our Bellevue dry cleaners.