Pick-Up & Delivery Service

No time to stop by our Bellevue dry cleaners? No problem! We offer pick-up and delivery service from our dry cleaners in Bellevue and Kirkland! Contact us today to schedule a pick-up!

Pick-up and Delivery Service

  1. We will drop off our Ultra Custom Dry Cleaning laundry bag in front of your porch.
  2. Leave filled laundry bag by your front door.
  3. We’ll pick-up your laundry bag on Tuesday.
  4. Delivery will be on the following Friday.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at (425) 463-7177 or (425) 749-8804.

Please use the form below to request for our pick-up and delivery service.

*Restrictions may apply and service may be limited in certain areas due to the high volume of requests.