Removing Avocado Stains from Your Clothing

Both oily and pasty, an avocado can leave a stubborn stain on your clothing. Should you get any of this delicious fruit on your fabric, you will want to act quickly before it turns brown; it is at this point that the stain is going to be all the more difficult to remove. Just follow these simple steps:

Scrape away as much of the avocado as you can. Use a dull knife or spoon that will not damage your fabric.
Gently rub a liquid detergent into the stained area and let it stand for at least five minutes.
Soak the fabric in cold water for about ten to fifteen minutes. Every five minutes, gently rub the stain between your fingers.
Rinse thoroughly, and repeat until you don’t see any more avocado. If you let any residual avocado dry on your clothes, it will be difficult to ever fully remove it.

When you get an avocado stain on a fabric that cannot be safely laundered by conventional means, bring it in to our Bellevue dry cleaners.