Removing Soy Sauce Stains

Soy sauce is a delicious part of many meals, but it has a tendency to splatter and stain your clothing. Unfortunately, these dark marks can be fairly difficult to remove, particularly if they are allowed to dry. If you are struggling with a soy sauce stain, try following these steps:

Begin by running cold water through the back of the stained area. You don’t want to use warm water, as this will encourage the soy sauce to set.
Rub the stain with liquid laundry detergent by hand. Allow it to sit for about three minutes, and then thoroughly rinse the detergent out.
If the clothing is either white or colorfast, try applying vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or another bleaching agent.
If you still see a stain, apply liquid laundry detergent again and let it soak in warm water for thirty minutes.
Wash the clothes according to their normal instructions. Check to see if any sign of the stain remains before running it through the dryer.

If you get any soy sauce on a garment that cannot be washed normally, you can bring it in to our Bellevue dry cleaning to have it properly cleaned.