Removing Your Syrup Stains

If you get to a syrup stain quick enough, you may be able to get the bulk of it out with nothing but water. The longer you wait, though, the harder it’s going to be. When this happens, consider the following tips:

  1. Rinse the stain thoroughly with cold water.
  2. Rub the stain gently with liquid detergent and let it stand for five minutes. Rinse the detergent out through the back of the stain with as hot a temperature of water as can be safely used on the fabric.
  3. Wash the garment normally. Check the stain before drying, and repeat the above steps if you see any signs of syrup. Do not dry until you are confident that the stain has been removed.

Should you get syrup on any garments that cannot be safely laundered by conventional means, bring them in to our Bellevue Dry Cleaners.