When You Wash Your Chapstick

Occasionally, a stick of chapstick ends up in your pocket when you run your laundry through the dryer. When this happens, you will want to address the resulting mess as quickly as you can.

  1. Inspect your washer and dryer to remove any chapsticks or waxy residues that may be left behind. Scrub the inside of your washer with a bit of detergent and a wash rag. To clean the dryer, wet some rags and set the dryer on a high heat for about five minutes, then wipe the stains away with a rag dipped in white distilled vinegar.
  2. Scrape any visible wax off of your clothing with a spoon or dull knife.
  3. Treat every stained spot of your clothing with an enzyme-based stain remover, or a heavy-duty laundry detergent that has enough enzymes to penetrate an oily residue. Use your fingers to work the washing agent into the stain and let it sit for a minimum of thirty minutes.
  4. 21Wash the stained clothing again in the warmest water that it can safely be washed in. Check to assure that the stain is no longer visible before running it through the dryer.

Should you end up with a chapstick stain on a garment that cannot be washed by conventional means, bring it to Bellevue Dry Cleaning.