Why Does My Front-Load Washer Smell?

A front-load washing machine is a highly efficient way to do your laundry. Compared to the top-load washer, the front-load design can clean your clothes with less water and less detergent. Unfortunately, most people are not accustomed to such a machine, and this results in a bad smell that infects their laundry.

The problem is that people try to use the same amount of detergent and other products that they needed to use in their top-loaders. Since there is far less water to rinse these products away, a portion of them are left behind and gather as a sludge-like residue on the walls of your washer. Combined with the warm, moist environment of your machine, it turns into a spawning ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria.

The simple solution is to make sure you aren’t using more detergent than you need to, and to seek out products that identify themselves as safe for use with efficient machines. Meanwhile, if you end up with smelly stains on some of your more delicate garments, bring them to Bellevue Dry Cleaning.